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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing bergen county tax appeal form

Instructions and Help about bergen county tax appeal form

Hi I'm Tina sacani Herman J property Realty services thank you for acquiring about our taxable service here at NJ property we've been on facilitating tax appeals or assisting homeowners in the tax appeal process for about eight years now we work with various attorneys around the state of New Jersey who represented our clients in tax court basically what it doesn't explain the process of how we work it's very simple basically you're going to fill out the form below give us as much detailed information about your property as possible and prus with three photos of your property a front view rear view and side view this will help us determine the style of property that you haven't comparison to other properties that we're going to be using to compare to your property basically what we do is we start off with a CMA it's a comparative market analysis basically like a four five page report explaining the process we go through all the calculations of the actual tax appeal calculations for your property using that your towns rate and ratio and basically we explain to you whether your property is going to qualify for an appeal based the course on doing that report is $175 most companies out there what they do is they're going to tell you you need to get a tax appeal appraisal right up front which is anywhere from 350 to 450 dollars on a single-family home we kind of cut that process at half been to eliminate you know consumers losing three hundred four hundred fifty dollars on an appraisal so this is $175 just receive your property qualifies for an appeal and definitely it's up to you the homeowner if you want to proceed with the actual tax appeal process if you do decide to move forward we're going to refer you to one of our attorneys at that point you will need a tax appeal appraisal however we're going to credit you the one hundred seventy five dollars that you paid for this report so worst case scenario 175 dollars if your property does not qualify for an appeal well because of where the market is today most of the properties are qualifying for appeals so you have a great chance of being successful in getting your taxes lowered somewhat with just about any municipality of today in New Jersey so we refer you to an attorney and we also send this report to one of our state licensed New Jersey taxes peel appraisals that we've been you know doing business with quite some time and there they may call you they may come out to the property but they're going to prepare the report and that report will be forwarded to the attorney if you decide to work with one of our attorneys which we would recommend because we've been we've been doing tax appeals with them for quite some time so one hundred and seventy-five dollars.