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Applause several years ago many tax relief companies ran ads which promised settlements that allowed taxpayers to resolve their debt for pennies on the dollar in reality these settlements were unattainable for most taxpayers the IRS offers a multitude of programs and other benefits that allow a taxpayer to pay down their back tax debt a tax settlement allows you to settle your back tax debt for less than the full amount you owe these options are restricted to taxpayers who can't settle their full tax debt within their lifetimes or doing so would create an extraordinary financial hardship applying for a tax settlement on your own is possible and help is available however it's notoriously complicated for tax payers to maximize these programs when a taxpayer applies for one of these programs the IRS scrutinizes income assets and expenses to assess his or her ability to pay the debt if you qualify based on their examinations a tax settlement won't necessarily be approved after eligibility is determined the IRS considers the offers submitted along with the payment included tax settlements are commonly approved when the IRS feels that the settlement offer is for the most it can reasonably expect to collect from the taxpayer tax settlements are approved for only a small percentage of taxpayers to maximize the likelihood of an approval hire a tax professional to negotiate on your behalf with the IRS after the tax settlement after the tax settlement proposal has been submitted wage garnishments and Bank levies will cease although a notice of federal tax lien may be received this is a standard practice and doesn't indicate that a decision has been made on the proposal if no decision has been reached two years after the proposal was filed it will be approved automatically the lien will be released once the terms of the settlement agreement have been satisfied refunds due to the taxpayer within the calendar year of the date of the agree we'll be applied to the back tax debt if the proposal is rejected the taxpayer may appeal the decision within 30 days by submitting form 1 37 1 1 to begin the process of submitting a proposal for a tax settlement determine your eligibility if you're not eligible for a tax settlement consider another program from back tax resolutions that may be more suitable for your circumstances if you do not qualify immediately gather documentation that details your income expenses assets and equity fill out the appropriate forms for 2 separate payments the application fees are a hundred and eighty six dollars which is non-refundable and the first payment of the terms of the proposal if the proposal is rejected this payment will be applied to your back tax debt at tax champions we've been helping people settle their back tax debts with the IRS for over 35 years as there are no black and white approval parameters for a tax settlement program let us communicate with the IRS on.