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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing georgia property tax appeal form

Instructions and Help about georgia property tax appeal form

News 8 our live in Washington Doug thank you founding father Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes well he's pretty much right for the most part right but our own Fox 5 real estate expert John Adams says not so fast when it comes to this year's property taxes there's still time to appeal your assessment at that window it's closing fast and he joins us now with some answers how're we doing that pretty good pretty good trying to save some money here yeah well that's always a good thing to do so we know you're always going to get a property tax bill every year nothing's going to change they're not you're never going to change that's truck what are we talking about here well what we're talking about is in the state of Georgia property taxes are administered on a county-by-county basis we have a hundred and fifty-nine counties each county has a tax commissioner and that tax commissioner decides when they're going to mail the notice of assessment that triggers the entire process you know you get one it's so confusing to look at when you see all the red numbers on there and trying to review everything that's what's in this you know well that's the notice of assessment is important because it contains your evaluation and date of what your property was worth on January 1st of 2021 and that number if you don't protest it will be used by the county to determine your property tax bill and the key here is if it's higher than it should be you end up paying more than your fair share and that's what we're trying to avoid okay so if you want to appeal it's so simple right there's an easy deadlines easy to understand right as well the problem is if the deadline is 45 days after the county where the property is located claims they mailed key word claim claims yeah that's right and sometimes they get to you and sometimes they don't we won't disparage the post office but nonetheless that deadline is set in concrete and there are no exceptions and so it's important that you act during that 45 days it may be a full year before you actually have your meeting with the Board of Equalization but once you've got that appeal in you're protected how do you know about your particular county when the deadline is well it would be nice if it was in the paper it's not and so pretty much you're going to need to either if you don't see your notice of us Esmond call the County Tax Commissioner I'm sure they'll be unhappy with me for saying this folks but the reality is the only way for you to know for sure if you don't have the net notice of assessment is to call the Tax commissioner's office.