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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Illinois tax appeal forms

Instructions and Help about Illinois tax appeal forms

Welcome to learn about love my name is Kevin o Flaherty from O'Flaherty law and today we're going to talk about how to appeal your property taxes there's a popular blog article of ours so you can see all of our blog articles that learn - about - law comm but we wanted to give a video and a podcast to go along with this one property taxes are linked to the fair market value of your home and when the fair market value of your home is a little bit uncertain if there's not a heavy housing market going on then the property taxes can be inaccurate and you've got a really good chance of appealing them property tax appeals are governed by Illinois law but counties and municipalities can lay around their own requirements and rules and filing procedures on top of Illinois law so if you're going to appeal in your Township you first have to figure out whether you're appealing on that Township level or the county level and then even if you're appealing on the Township level you have to understand Illinois law county law and in your municipal law to make sure you do this correctly there's also a strict deadline for when you can file your appeal some counties are 30 days out from the time of the assessment other counties vary but you have to get all of your appeal the European forum and your supporting documentation into the appropriate office it's often the assessor's office for the appropriate Township or county by that deadline otherwise your appeal won't be heard so when you file an appeal there's two basic basis for an appeal one of the bases is that your when the Assessor assessed your property they assessed it at more than a third greater than the fair market value of the property or the other basis is that they assist at higher than comparable properties in your area so you have to prove one of those two things at a hearing but before the hearing like I said you have to submit all the supporting documentation to show that one of those two things are true either they assessed it one third greater than the actual fair market value of the property or that they assessed it higher than comparable properties in your area so how do we prove that well we submit our appeal application and then we submit a whole bunch of supporting documentation and there's no hard fast rule for what you have to submit some counties and townships do have requirements that you submit certain documents but in general you can submit anything that will go to prove that that the assessment was unfair and a couple common things that we like to see submitted are listing contracts MLS catalog pages closing statements appraisals or assessed values of comparable properties in your area if you submit all this documentation on time like I said usually.

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