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Instructions and Help about irs form 12203

Hello again everyone in this video we're going to take a look at two files that are essential for Oracle to function properly whether you're talking about file set live on the host with Oracle database lives or if they live on the client which is where you're going to access the Oracle database from those two files are called Tina's names aura and listener not aura now listener aura is a file that only exists on the server and that's going to configure the listener and tell the listener how to listen for requests for people coming in from the client and the client could be running anything client could be running a web browser application can be run in a forms application any type of application that needs to communicate to the Oracle database is going to go through the listener so the listener aura is going to Lee is going to live just on the server but TNS name said aura is going to exist both on the server and on any client machine that needs access to the Oracle database so let's start with the TNS name so to our file in your Oracle home wherever that is on your machine if you're running a client machine with let's say Oracle forms on it you'll have an Oracle home directory if you're talking about the server with a running the Oracle database software they'll obviously be an Oracle home for the Oracle server software in this example I'm going to go to my Oracle home which in in this case is C Oracle DB product 11200 DB home 1 that's my Oracle home for my Oracle database that's running on my server in your Oracle home you will always have a directory called network and underneath that network directory you will have a directory called admin and in that admin directory you'll have a couple of different files out there you can see that I have one called listener Ora another one called TNS names or this video is going to focus on those two a different video we're going to talk about sequel net or but if we take a look at the TNS names Dora to edit this guy looks like it's a little hard to read but what this really does is it encapsulates all the different ways that you can talk to an Oracle database and it puts all of that different information in a specific entry so if we ignore this Oracle connection data one that's up here you can see there's three entries in this file is Oracle connection data sandbox and V is so sandbox is going to be the name of my entry and I can call this anything I want just because my database happens to be called sandbox doesn't mean the entry in the TNS names has to be called sandbox it could be called prod or dev or XYZ or anything I want normally.