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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing tax appeal form

Instructions and Help about tax appeal form

Music hi my name is Kristen and I'll be walking you through the process of preparing and presenting your assessment appeal of your property tax assessment at your County Board of Equalization or Assessment Appeals Board since this subject is more involved than what can be shared in the short time we have together I suggest you obtain a copy of publication 30 residential property assessment appeals and review it as well more on where to get that publication later this video has been prepared by the taxpayers rights advocate office and the county assess properties division of State Board of Equalization with assistance from all 58 elected County Assessors and appeals boards we hope this video will make the County Assessment Appeals process easier to understand and that it will help you present your best case we have a lot to talk about so let's get started the first thing you need to know about your assessment appeal is to understand completely what you're appealing this is done by spending some time reading all the information provided with your tax bill tax notice or supplemental assessment notice if you have questions about your assessments you should contact your Assessors office before you file an appeal tax bills can often be confusing so don't be afraid to ask questions about your tax bill and assessment the assessor's office will explain how the value is determined and can pryou with relevant appraisal information remember assessment appeals have strict filing periods and deadlines it's important to understand that the Appeals Board can only lower or raise a property's assessed value remove a penalty assessment or reverse a change in ownership or new construction reassessment the appeals board however cannot reduce your property's assessed values simply because you're paying more taxes than your neighbor remove penalties and interests for late payment of property taxes reduce your taxes due to your inability to pay grant or deny tax exemptions change tax rates extend filing periods change the decision of another Appeals board or rehear an issue already ruled upon but let's talk more about the events but trigger your right to appeal your property tax assessment and describe what you can if you you Music.