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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 13369

Instructions and Help about form 13369

Hi it's Ryan from Ryan Fowler photography and I'm here with the tutorial for you on how to use an intervalometer these intervalometer is usually used for creating time lapses and taking longer series of images over time to be stitched together into a short video that shows all of those images and the scene actually moving but you can also use this as a normal remote as well as a couple of other things like a delay timer and things like that so what I'm going to do is I'm going to run through how to use all these features like delay long interval number noise but first I'll start with this so this little button is a normal hit remote shutter button so it's like your shadow button on your camera but you can plug this intervalometer in using the little plug here that goes into the side of your camera where you'd normally plug in a remote of some kind so what you can do is you can either just push that as a normal remote button or you can push and hold it if you're using something like bulb mode or something like that in your camera to get a really long exposure so I'll turn that off and us I'll just run through a couple of little buttons so you've got set you've got your arrow buttons you've got timer start and stop and then here you've got either a light which I can turn that on that's a useful one if you're doing a time-lapse at night or if you're trying to use the remote at night something like that and then lock you can just lock in the buttons but you don't really need to do that because once you set them you kind of just don't have to touch the remote to change it at all so what I'll do is I'll start at delay a delay is basically like the self timer on your camera so on your camera you can set it to two seconds or ten seconds in most cases on here you can actually set it to however long you like so if you know that there's going to be something happening in exactly 15 seconds what you can do is just hit set and then here it'll start flashing numbers so this first one is hours this second one is minutes this one is second so what you can do is you can just use the arrow keys put that up put that down and then let's just say we set it at two seconds for the sake of video hit timer start stop and that will countdown those two seconds and take a single shot and then I'll reset this one back to zero and then here we've got long now long is basically like what I showed you before pushing the shutter button and sliding it up it's got that timer running but you.