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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing tax appeal

Instructions and Help about tax appeal

In order to file an appeal with the Cook County Assessor it's a few steps you need to do first one go to Google type in Cook County Assessor Appeals hit enter it's gonna bring up the appeal and closing deadlines for the Cook County Assessor what you're then gonna do is scroll down and locate your Township it's going to let you know which townships are where in the appeal cycle in this case we're looking at a property which is in Thornton the notices were mailed on August 16th meaning that the appeals are open this column is going to tell us the last day appeals are accepted in this case it's approximately 30 days have until September 16th in order to file an appeal on any property which is situated in Thornton Township then go to Appeals click on the third option which says file a residential appeal once you do that it'll then tell you which townships are open Northfield or Lynn thorne and West Chicago the next step is to type in your PIN number your pin number is on your property tax bill however if you do not have that pin number in a separate tutorial I will show you how you can not only locate that pin number but you can use that system to find comparable properties then put in the CAPTCHA code if you can make it out then hit Search and at this time it's going to bring up a screen like this so it's filed a new appeal it'll have whoever's name is on that property tax bill in this case I'm going to change it to my name then at which point it's going to reiterate the address I'm going to properly spell Calumet City it already has the state as well as zip code then I'm gonna put in a daytime phone number and then it's going to ask you the reason for the appeal in this case I'm going to select over evaluation it's up to you as the individual to determine exactly why you're requesting an appeal if it's multiple parcels you'll need to input that if you would like to use comparable properties you can do so in this instance it's my contention that the purchase price is what the value of the property should be and that's what it is that I'm going on so I'm not going to select that but it's completely up to you you determine what reasons and what it is that you're going to submit for evidence and then go ahead and click Next it then brings up the information in which the Assessor has associated with that property it's telling you that attorneys and Representatives do not file residential appeals online as a result I'm going to put in my personal email address and then I'm going to click finish at that point it's going to tell me your property tax appeal filing has been successfully.