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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing free tax filing 2021

Instructions and Help about free tax filing 2021

Hello guys welcome back to the channel and today today is going to be a special video I'm gonna make a video on filing your own taxes this is the tax season and I'm getting a lot of questions and more importantly my previous year's video of how to file a tax people are going back and visiting it and viewing the video so I thought let's make another video for this year since net file is open now and Sierra is accepting your filing so I'm gonna do the same thing not a lot has changed since the past video but I guess I'll just make a new one also I'm using my headphones to record the audio because this has good audio quality compared to my for just a quick fYI I am NOT a tax accountant this is just a general how to file your tax video if you have specific questions that is always a good idea to ask your tax accountant don't listen to anyone on the internet you don't want to risk risk your tax situation listening to someone else since you open up your browser all you can do is type simple tax and that will be the first page that you see this is there's no application that you need to download a simple tax is web-based only so you can start right away there's no need to download anything and you can also what you can also do is you can create an account with simple tax and link that account with your online CRA account that way you don't have to manually type in or fill in everything you can log in and click the button where it says pull info from CRA website and simple tax will do its thing and you have to just go through and check everything so let's see start your 2021 tax return you might want to click I'm new to simple tax and that way they can walk you through certain things but I've used it before so I'll go a few simple tax and I do have an account but for the purpose of this video this is like a fake person I'm not going to enter anything here I'm going to file the taxes without any info like any personal information I have generated a fake name let's use this guy so we have Tyler I was saying MC and if this return is for a deceased person this is not for a deceased person I'll go with English and I think I do have a social yeah nobody guys this is a random social insurance number it's nobody is personal insurance number let's find some taxes for Tyler W Stevenson all right so once you fill in all the information like the basic personal information the next one is regarding your resident ship and the citizenship so these are very basic questions depending on which province you lived in.